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Anbieter / Asset Management | 04 Mai 2015

Asset managers: the superheroes of tomorrow

It would be nice, but fund houses are probably not hired to save the world, says Sophia Grene.


Boards without women breed scandal

Public companies with more women on their boards are less likely to be hit by scandals such as bribery, fraud or shareholder battles, according to research from index provider MSCI, which looked at more than 6,500 company boards globally. 

Anbieter / Asset Management | 19 Januar 2015

‘Refreshment’ is the new boardroom buzzword

Until recently, the discussion around corporate governance centred largely on board diversity. This appeared to refer mostly to gender balance, although analysts were always careful to say it also referred to ethnic mix and appropriate skill sets.

Recht & Regulierung | 08 Dezember 2014

EU asset management offers bad value for money

A report commissioned by Brussels has condemned the European asset management industry for “producing a huge welfare loss for EU investors”, as well as failing to win the trust of its customers.

Anlagen / Strategie | 17 November 2014

Smart beta is eating active managers’ lunch

In an era when investors’ need for return far outstrips the realistic expected returns of equity markets, some investors believe “smart beta”, cheap, rules-based strategies that aim to outperform the market, may offer a free lunch. 

Anbieter / Asset Management | 25 August 2014

UK regulator enters the financial Twittersphere

The UK’s financial regulator is trying to work out how financial services companies should use social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

Recht & Regulierung | 28 Juli 2014

A new ‘gold standard’ for regulated funds

AIFMD regulation could create a significant new investment brand. 

Anlagen / Alternative Anlagen | 30 Juni 2014

G20 blueprint for infrastructure funding

New proposals aim to encourage private capital to invest in large-scale project. 

Anlagen / Strategie | 23 Juni 2014

Sovereign wealth funds: Investing for the unforeseeable future

An Invesco survey provides insights about usually reticent sovereign wealth funds, says Sophia Grene. 

Anlagen / Alternative Anlagen | 27 Januar 2014

AIFMD: Hedge funds drag their feet over EU regulation deadline

By June 22, all alternative funds marketed in Europe should comply with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, but fewer than a fifth of funds surveyed by a large fund administrator have filed the relevant documents with regulators.

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