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Anlagen / Strategie | 07 September 2015

‘Chaos and carnage’ threaten emerging market-focused hedge funds

Holidaying investment professionals were jolted out of their sun loungers last month when extreme volatility across global markets forced them to switch on their BlackBerrys and respond to panicky emails from clients and colleagues. 

Anlagen / Alternative Anlagen | 10 August 2015

European investors shun expensive hedge funds

European institutional investors pulled a net $6.8bn from hedge funds in the first seven months of the year as concerns over high fees and lacklustre performance intensified. 


Star fund managers defy their sell-by dates

Madison Marriage asks if the age of investment managers matters.

Recht & Regulierung | 13 Juli 2015

IMF warns pension funds could pose systemic risks to the US

The International Monetary Fund has warned that pension funds could pose systemic risks to the US financial system, potentially bringing large retirement schemes into the scope of “too big to fail” legislation.


Swedish investors attack governance record of Norway’s oil fund

Norway’s oil fund has come under attack from several of Sweden’s largest investors over concerns that the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund is not applying rigorous oversight to the companies it invests in.

Anbieter / Asset Management | 22 Juni 2015

More asset managers become shadow banks

The number of asset managers lending directly to companies in the US and Europe has more than doubled in the past two years, underlining fears about the rapid development of financial intermediaries known as shadow banks.

Anlagen / Strategie | 08 Juni 2015

One-third of large investors expect Grexit from eurozone

One-third of large investors expect a Greek exit from the eurozone as negotiations between Athens and its creditors over a desperately needed €7.2bn bailout package deteriorate.

Anlagen / Alternative Anlagen | 01 Juni 2015

US investors seek riskier EU infrastructure deals

Canadian and US investor demand for infrastructure opportunities in Europe is on the rise, confounding fears that political uncertainty about the future of the eurozone could cause foreign investments in the economic bloc to fall.


‘Every [Swiss] pension fund manager is worried

Currency turmoil and negative charges create critical problems.

Swiss pension schemes ‘bankrupt in 10 years’

Swiss pension schemes will be bankrupt within 10 years unless Switzerland’s government wins public support for a radical overhaul of the retirement system, experts have warned.

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