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Anlagen / Strategie | 12 Januar 2015

FTfm: ETF industry booms in record-breaking year

Investors ploughed record amounts of cash into exchange traded funds last year as the expansion of the ETF industry accelerated worldwide. 

Anlagen / Strategie | 24 November 2014

Infrastructure investment needs concrete solutions

Proposals to stimulate global infrastructure spending announced this month by the G20 in Brisbane have had a mixed reception.

Anlagen / Strategie | 15 September 2014

Short sellers wary of making call on direction of Russian market

When Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Crimea in early March, hedge fund managers were quick to bet that the share prices of major Russian companies would fall as a result of the Ukraine crisis.

Anbieter / Asset Management | 11 August 2014

Pensions in flux boost asset managers

The UK pensions market has been going through a period of enormous flux, but it appears to have boosted the fortunes of asset managers.

Anlagen / Strategie | 05 Mai 2014

Market divided over smart-beta success

Critics question whether wider adoption is marketing hype.

Recht & Regulierung | 16 Dezember 2013

Asset managers under fire

The European Parliament has voted in favour of proposals that could lead to large asset managers being classified as “systemically important”, a move that would subject them to tighter regulations and require costly changes to their operating models.

Anlagen / Strategie | 11 November 2013

BlackRock asks where European ETF rivals are

BlackRock – the world’s largest exchange traded funds provider – has called for greater competition within the European market to act as an antidote to sluggish growth.

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