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Anbieter / Asset Management | 18 Juli 2016

‘Return expectations of financial assets have to come down’

State Street Global Advisors’ chief executive says savers must be realistic.

Anlagen / Strategie | 11 Juli 2016

ETF assets to double to $7tn by 2021, says PwC

The exchange traded fund market will double in size over the next five years to $7tn, increasing competitive pressures across the investment industry, according to PwC.

Anbieter / Asset Management | 06 Juni 2016

Profits for asset management companies set to fall by a third

Profits for asset management companies are set to fall by a third over the next three years, with analysts highlighting the rise of passive investing and volatile markets as the biggest threats to active managers. Between 30 and 35 per cent of the profits earned by investment managers globally could be “wiped out” by 2018, unless more radical steps are taken to cut costs, according to new research given exclusively to FTfm by McKinsey.


Big insurers prefer fund management

Regulation and low interest rates force large companies to look elsewhere for profit

Anbieter / Asset Management | 11 April 2016

Quarterly review: BlackRock tightens its grip on Europe

BlackRock topped the leaderboard for fund sales in Europe for a third successive year in 2015, with the world’s largest investment manager significantly outpacing its rivals in terms of asset growth.

Anlagen / Strategie | 01 Februar 2016

Pension stress tests show €773bn shortfall in funding

Pension funds in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany face an “existential threat” because of their precarious financial positions, according to a member of the European parliament.


Emerging market ETFs bleed $19bn so far this year

Fears about deteriorating economic conditions in China, Brazil and Russia have led to a massive retreat from emerging market exchange traded funds.


Pensions must give realistic valuations

Millions of workers are being kept in the dark about the possible threats to their retirement because of the failure by companies to provide realistic valuations for their defined benefit pension schemes.

Anlagen / Strategie | 06 Juli 2015

OECD warns pension funds over ‘excessive search for yield’

Pension fund managers and life insurance companies are increasing their chances of going bust if they undertake aggressive shifts into alternative assets to meet their promises to savers, warns the OECD.


European quantitative easing is a threat to pensions

Record-low interest rates and the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme are threatening the hopes of a comfortable retirement for millions of European citizens, say pension experts.

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