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Anlagen / Strategie | 02 Juni 2017

China worries temper emerging markets optimism

As investors pile in, some question whether the best of the rally is already over.

Anlagen / Strategie | 21 Mai 2017

BlackRock bets on Aladdin as genie of growth

World’s biggest asset manager plans to extend industry’s use of its technology.


2,000% rise in new money allocated to smart-beta funds

Investors piled into smart-beta funds in the first quarter of 2017, driving a 2,000 per cent rise in new money allocated to the popular investment strategies despite warnings that their performance could go “horribly wrong”.

Anbieter / Asset Management | 01 März 2017

More than six in 10 asset managers are bored at work

Feeling bored at work? You are not the only one. A survey found that more than six in 10 asset management staff find their jobs uninteresting.

Anbieter / Asset Management | 20 Februar 2017

Pimco, M&G and Franklin crash out of top-10 fund house list

Pimco, M&G and Franklin Templeton have crashed out of a list of Europe’s 10 largest asset managers after investors pulled billions of euros from their funds amid concerns about performance over the past three years.

Anlagen / Strategie | 13 Februar 2017

Passive funds grew 4.5 times faster than active in 2016

Passive funds, which offer investors a cheaper way to invest, grew 4.5 times faster than the active management industry in 2016 as investors retreated from stockpickers due to concerns about high fees and disappointing performance.


Trump cheerleading boosts investment in Russia

US president’s positive view is reducing the geopolitical risk surrounding the country. 

Anbieter / Asset Management | 23 Januar 2017

Total pay for asset managers falls to $99,000

Fee pressure, falling profits and volatile markets lead to 2% drop in median pay. 

Anlagen / Strategie | 09 Januar 2017

Five reasons why investors are buckling up for 2017

The world’s biggest investors are gearing up for a bumpy 2017 on the back of a monumental 2016, where the unexpected happened more often than not.

Anbieter / Asset Management | 21 November 2016

Study finds active global equity funds outperform

Research shows international stockpickers beat the market by 1.2 per cent annually. 

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